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Al-HamraTradingCompany/Al-HarmraHouseOfChemicalsPvtLd. at Toronto, Ontario, Canada
electroplating chemicals Trader
at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  Suby Mathew
National Head ( Auto & EMPI )
RGF Management Search at Mumbai Area, India
  Dhairya Bhardwaj
Procurement Manager India
Missionpharma at Ahmedabad Area, India
  Sudha Karan
inspn splecialist
saudi intl petrochemical co at Saudi Arabia
Sales Manager- Polyolefins & Chemical Catalyst
Albemarle at United Arab Emirates
  Alton Rego
ACE - Additive & Chemicals Essential
at Kenya
  robert edi
PVC Building Supplies Ltd at East Java Province, Indonesia
  Alfredo Bernardo Rejtman Williams
at Peru
  xiaojie feng
manager director
jurong triwin rubber co.,ltd at Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
  Jay Trivedi
International Marketing Executive
Fishfa World Trade Ltd. - India at Rajkot Area, India
at Bari Area, Italy
  inda li
X-Giants at Hefei, Anhui, China
  Subhojit Chatterjee
TECHNOSOL at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
  Elizabeth Qiu
Petrochemical Operation
SABIC at Singapore
  Basim Khan
Area Sales Manager
Nestlé Professional at Pakistan
  Ramakant Bhat
Tricon Energy India at India
  Jessie Nguyen
Senior Regional Consultant
HRnetOne at Singapore
  Angel XIONG
Senior Sales Manager
at Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
  Andrew Shipton
Regional Sales Executive
at Johannesburg Area, South Africa
  Santa Borriello
Project & Business Development Manager
presso Wax&Oil Indstry at Naples Area, Italy

Global players expect firm May prices out of the Middle East
- 21 Apr 2014      9:32:18 AM

Middle Eastern producers have been supplying rather limited PP and PE quotas to many global markets, including Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam as well as the Middle East and African markets. Based on the ongoing limitation on the quota amounts and the firmer trend that has started to be seen in Asia and....

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2-EH plant shut by Nan Ya Plastics- 19 Apr 2014      3:56:17 PM- POLYMERUPDATE
Nan Ya Plastics has shut a 2-ethyl hexanol (2-EH) plant for maintenance turnaround.

A Polymerupdate source in Taiwan informed that the plant was shut earlier this week. It is planned to remain off-stream for around one month.

Located in Mailiao, Taiwan, the plant has a production capac....

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Toluene prices rise in Asia- 19 Apr 2014      3:55:15 PM- POLYMERUPDATE
Toluene prices in Asia finished higher on Thursday. Prices gained in line with improved buying trends in the region and a rise in downstream benzene values.

FOB Korea prices were assessed up at the USD 1085/mt levels, a gain of USD 5/mt from Wednesday. CFR China prices were higher at the USD ....

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SM plant shut by GPPC - 19 Apr 2014      3:54:54 PM- POLYMERUPDATE
Grand Pacific Petrochemical Corp (GPPC) has shut a styrene monomer (SM) plant for maintenance turnaround.

A Polymerupdate source in Taiwan informed that the plant was shut early this week. It is likely to remain off-stream for around one month.

Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the plant h....

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Iran's petrochemical output falls by 18 percent -

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:07:01 GMT
Alpek's 1Q earnings down as polyester feedstock price plummets - Business News Americas

Definition of Petrochemicals

According to Wikipedia, Petrochemicals are "chemical products derived from petroleum. Some chemical compounds made from petroleum are also obtained from other fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, or renewable sources such as corn or sugar cane."

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