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GMT + 8

707.1 sq km (439.37 sq miles).

4.6 million (estimate 2008).

Population Density
6,489 per sq km.

The city of Singapore is the capital.

While malay is the national language of Singapore, the four official languages are english, mandrin (simplified), malay, and tamil.

Mobile Phone Standard
GSM 900MHz / 1800MHz.
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Electricity & Power Sockets
240 volts 50 Hz. Plugs used are mainly type G. However, adapters for plug types A & C are easily available.

To check if you need a visa to visit Singapore,
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Average Weather Conditions (Singapore)

Month Avg. Temperature (°C / °F) Relative Humidity Avg. Precipitation
Wet Days
Min Max Am Pm
                  January 23°C 73.4°F 30°C 86°F 82 78 252 17
                  February 23°C 73.4°F 31°C 87.8°F 77 71 173 11
                  March 24°C 75.2°F 31°C 87.8°F 76 70 193 14
                  April 24°C 75.2°F 31°C 87.8°F 77 74 188 15
                  May 24°C 75.2°F 32°C 89.6°F 79 73 173 15
                  June 24°C 75.2°F 31°C 87.8°F 79 73 173 13
                  July 24°C 75.2°F 31°C 87.8°F 79 72 170 13
                  August 24°C 75.2°F 31°C 87.8°F 78 72 196 14
                  September 24°C 75.2°F 31°C 87.8°F 79 72 178 14
                  October 23°C 73.4°F 31°C 87.8°F 78 72 208 16
                  November 23°C 73.4°F 31°C 87.8°F 79 75 254 18
                  December 23°C 73.4°F 31°C 87.8°F 82 78 257 19


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