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APIC 2014 - Thailand

15th May 2014
Marketing Seminar:
Changing Energy Landscape and Its Impact to Feedstock Dynamics. - WoodMackenzie
New and Alternative Technology, their Economic Impacts - Tecnon ObiChem
Transformation in the Asian Olefin and Derivatives Markets. - ICIS
Global Trends in Aromatics and Derivatives- Margins move upstream - Argus

16th May 2014

Morning Keynote I:

PTT Public Company Limited

New dawn on the global petrochemical horizon - Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn President & CEO, PTT Public Company Limited

Morning Keynote II:

DOW Chemical
Keynote Speech II Peter Sykes ; President of Asia Pacific, Dow Chemical

APIC 2013 - Taiwan

9th May 2013

Session 1:


Exploiting Change to Deliver Value – Insights to Stay Ahead of the Competition, Andrew Spiers, Senior Vice President, Nexant Asia Ltd
Outlook for North America under a Changing Feedstock Scenario, Andrew Lee Fagg, Principal, Nexant Asia Ltd
Technology Trends and the Shaping of the Petrochemical Industry in the Future,Larry Song, Head and General Manager, Nexant China

Session 2:


The State & Outlook of the Global Petrochemical Industry - Dave Witte, Senior Vice President & General Manager, IHS Chemical
Energy and Petrochemical Feedstock Outlook - Victor Shum, Vice President, Asia Pacific, IHS Energy Insights
Asia Chemical Markets, Strategies for Success - Tony Potter, Vice President, Asia Pacific, IHS Chemical
Leveraging Co-Product Value Chains in a Light Feedstock World Bill Hyde, Senior Director, Olefins & Elastomers, IHS Chemical
Specialty Chemicals – Will They Remain Special? Masahiro Yoneyama, Senior Director, Japan, IHS Chemical

Session 3:

Tecnon Orbichem

Shale Gas as an Alternative Petrochemical Feedstock - Roger Lee, Managing Director
Bio-Based Chemical Feedstocks - Doris de Guzman, Senior Consultant - Bio Feedstocks
Impact of New Hydrocarbon Sources on the Chlor-Alkali Chain - Charles Fryer, Chairman
Impact of New Hydrocarbon Sources on the Methanol-Acetyls Chain - Cui Rongying, Consultant- Acetyls, Methanol & Polyacetal
Bio-based Feedstocks Provide new Options for Synthetic Fibres - Philippa Davies, Business Manager- Maleic Anhydride, Acrylates, Urethanes & UPR
Bio-based Feedstocks Provide new Options for Speciality Polymers - Mary Heathcote, Business Manager – Engineering Thermoplastics

May 10 2013

PLENARY SESSION (Keynote Speeches)

Keynote Speech I- Technological Trends and Challenges in the Petrochemical Industry
Mr. Axel LORENZ, Vice President,Global Head of Process Automation Industries, Germany
Keynote Speech II- Health Risk Assessment on Residents Surrounding Petrochemical Complexes Tempest in a Teapot or Shoot Your Own Foot in the Name of Environment Protection
Dr. Chi-Pang WEN, Distinguished Professor, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
Keynote Speech III- The Path to a High-Value Chemical Industry in Taiwan
Dr. Jonq-Min LIU, Executive Vice President, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan

APIC 2012 - Malaysia

17th May 2012

Session 1:


Global Petrochemicals - An Overview, Darren Smith, Managing Director, Asia - IHS Chemical
Global Energy and Feedstock Outlook, Bill Sanderson, Vice President, Consulting - Midstream/Refining,IHS- Purvin & Gertz
Strategies Around Chemical Markets in Asia, Steve Zinger, Director, Product Management - IHS Chemical
Asian Opportunities in Renewable Chemicals, Mark Morgan, Global Managing Director, Renewables - IHS Chemical
Russia Petrochemicals – Fortune Favors the Brave, John Bonarius, Senior Director, Europe/Middle East/Africa - IHS Chemical

Session 2:


Global Petrochemical Industry Status & Outlook, Dr Andrew Spiers, Senior Vice President
Refinery Petrochemical Integration, Clive Gibson, Vice President
Petrochemicals - Changing Times, Changing Feedstocks, Andrew Lee Fagg, Manager
Technology & Innovation – Creating Value, Dr Jeff Plotkin, Vice President

Session 3:

Tecnon Orbichem

Megatrends - Where On Earth Are We Going? - Roger Lee, Managing Director
Clusters - Bringing It All Together - Charles Fryer, Chairman
Heading Downstream - Choosing The Right Channels Polyurethane Chemicals - Gillian Tweddle, Business Manager - Individual Project Studies
Acrylic Acid & Esters - Keiji Wakatsuki, Senior Consultant - Japan
Engineering Thermoplastics - Mary Heathcote, Business Manager - Engineering Thermoplastics
Acetyls Chain - William Bann, Business Manager - Acetyls & Methanol
Polyamide Intermediates - Shen Hong (Grace), Consultant - Polyamide & Intermediates

APIC 2011 - Japan

26th May 2011

Session 1:

CMAI, Purvin & Gertz

Gary Adams, President, CMAI- Overview of the Global Petrochemistry Industry
Bill J. Sanderson, President, Purvin & Gertz- Overview of the Global Energy Industry
Paul Pang, Managing Director, CMAI China- New Petrochemical Epicentre - China Petrochemical Update and Outlook
Dr. Mark Morgan, Global Business Director, Renewables- Alternative petrochemical feedstocks Tony Potter, Managing Director, CMAI Middle East - Middle East Petrochemicals - a giant still growing or running out of gas?

Session 3:

Tecnon Orbichem

Charles Fryer, Tecnon Orbichem - Shifting Competitively of Petrochemicals due to High Crude oil Price
Keiji Wakatsuki, Tecnon Orbichem Japan- Commoditisation Moves Downstream in Asian Petrochemicals
Wiliam Bann, Tecnon Orbichem - The Middle East and China - Competitors or Partners?
Philippa Davies, Tecnon Orbichem- Petrochemicals Look to Enhance Green Credentials

APIC 2010 - Mumbai

13th May 2010
Basic Raw Materials & Building Blocks

CMAI & Purvin & Gertz

Gary Adams, President, CMAI- State of the Industry - Exploring Tomorrow’s “Whys”
William J. Sanderson, President and CEO, Purvin & Gertz, Inc.- Global Energy And Feedstock Outlook
Tony Potter, Managing Director Middle East, CMAI - Global Ethylene Outlook

Elastomers & Chemicals

SRI Consulting

Ed Gartner, Program Director, World Petrochemicals- Market trends in the global SBR and PBR elastomers
Uwe Loechner, Senior Consultant - The Global Market of Thermoplastic Elastomers and the Impact of Bio Feedstocks
Masahiro Yoneyama, Regional Vice President, Asia - Global chemicals markets: 2-ethyl hexanol, phenol, acetic acid, methanol, and phthalic anhydride

Synthetic Fiber Chain, Intermedites & Aromatics


Aromatics Feedstocks Phillippa Davies
Polyamide & Intermediates and Acrylonitrile • Acrylic Fibre CBFs Peter Chandler
Polyester & Intermediates Gillian Tweddle
Indian Situation Rekha Misra, IDS
Synthetic Fibres Trends & Issues Darrel Collier

Chlor Alkali & Vinyls

Harriman Chemsult

Stephen Harriman, Founder & Publishing Director - Global Chlor-Alkali: How volatile is the future?
Bernard Law, Asian Operations - China: Chlor-Alkali prospects and development
Vincent Ooi, Asian Operations - The world PVC market: The role of Asia

Road Map for Chemical Industry
Tomas Koch (McKinsey & Co.) - “Preparing for the next decade” - Successful Transformations
John W. King, Vice President and Director, Energy & Chemicals Consulting: Asia (Nexant) - “Building Leading positions through technology/ Innovation”

14th May 2010
Key Note Addresses:
Chindia Rising: Implications for the Petrochemical Industry
DR. JAGDISH N. SHETH, Founder, ICA Institute
Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing, Emory University, USA.

Creating Value Through Asian Values: The Journey in the Coming Decades
Prof. Dipak C. Jain
Sandy & Morton Goldman Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies & Professor Of Marketing
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA


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