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Leslie McCune
- Managing Director, Chemical Management Resources Limited

"As an independent petrochemical and petchem logistics Consultant, it's great to see so many of my clients contributing to the single point of focus that APIC ONLINE provides. There's excellent topic coverage, making this the site for one-stop-news and references on Asian petchems.


"APIC ONLINE is a great platform for petrochemical industry news / latest update! Awareness about it needs to be spread vigorously among APIC associates to make it more vibrant.

Linda R. Henderson
- Vice President, Sales & Marketing, SRI Consulting

"APIC and SRI Consulting have been partners for over 20 years, since SRIC first worked with the association to expand the delegate program and introduced the first Marketing Seminar. We believe that APIC plays an essential role in promoting progress and transparency in the petrochemical industry and are proud to be associated with it.

To assist us in our continuous improvement efforts in meeting your needs, we welcome your feedback, comments, constructive criticism, and encouragement. We would therefore appreciate if you can take a few minutes to provide us with your inputs. Thereafter, we will be randomly selecting some of the feedback for publishing on our website.












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