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APIC 2014 - Thailand

General matter and raw materials
Developments in Oil, Gas and Coal Markets and the Impact on Chemicals - Tony Potter, Vice President APAC, IHS
2014 Asia Olefins & Aromatics Market Review and Outlook - Peh Soo Hwee and Ong Sheau Ling, General Matter & Raw Materials Committee, ICIS
Fast Evolving Trends in Petrochemical Feedstock Building Blocks Availability, Pricing and Transportation - Noor Jivraj, Group Manager,Jacobs Consultancy Limited, London
Alternative Feedstock Opportunities in APIC Member & Surrounding Countries - Dr Charles Fryer, Tecnon OrbiChem

Polyolefins End-use Market Perspective Iin AEC - Dr Kriengsak Wongpromrat, PITH
China Polyolefins Industry Outlook: Polyethylene & Polypropylene - Pearl Ma, CNCIC Consulting
What is the future of Polyolefins in Asia when facing the dual low-cost players – Middle East and North America? - TOWNSEND Solutions

Energy and commodity price benchmarking and market insights - Arbus DeWitt

Chlor-Alkali Business in Asia - AGC Chemicals
Asia Chlor-Alkali & Vinyls- Adapting to the new world order- Eddie Kok, Sr Director, Inorganic, IHS

Synthetic rubber
Butadiene Feedstock Supply Challenges and Volatile Demand- Anna Ibbotson, NEXANT
Asia Synthetic Rubber 2014 - Helen Yan, ICIS
The Changing Fac of the Tye Industry and Implications for the Synthetic Rubber Industry - Robert Simmons, LMC

Synthetic fiber raw materials
Asia Polyester Chain Challenges & Survival Strategies - Samuel Wong, ICIS
Challenges faced by China PTA-polyester industry and countermeasures - CCF group
Polyamide and Intermediates - (Emma) Liu Xiang, Tecnon OrbiChem Global Fibers Overview - (Michelle) Yang Qin, Tecnon OrbiChem

Phenol Asia’s Rising Capacity and Changing Trade Flow - Trisha Huang Senior Editor, ICIS Pricing
Engineering Thermoplastics & Intermediates Keiji Wakatsuki, Tecnon OrbiChem
Polyurethanes & Intermediates - Roger Lee, Tecnon OrbiChem
Development Path of China PVC industry-especially the pressure of overcapacity - Orchid Yang, CNCIC Consulting
Dynamics of Global Acrylic Acid:Challenges and Opportunities - Tiankanok Sirichayaporn, Nexant
Global Phenol-Acetone market outlook: Will margins pressure ease? - Anton Ferkov, Senior Managing Editor, Platts

APIC 2013 - Taiwan

May 10 2013


General Matter & Raw Materials
'Non-Conventional' and 'Emerging' feed stocks for petrochemicals- Drivers, Options, Competitiveness of Selected Processes - Nurallah (Noor) Jivraj, Group Manager, Refining and Petrochemicals, Jacobs Consultancy Ltd
Basic Chemicals (Olefins & Aromatics) Industry Overview - Tony Potter, Vice President, Asia Pacific, IHS Chemical

Global Polyethylene Outlook - Utpal Sheth, Director, Polyolefins, India & Middle East, IHS Chemical
Polypropylene- Charting New Territory - JP Nah, Director, Polyolefins, Asia, IHS Chemical

Styrene Monomer's Changing Role as an UPR Feedstock - Philippa Davies, Tecnon OrbiChem

An Overview of the Global Chlor-Alkali & Derivatives Market - Charles Fryer, Chairman, Tecnon OrbiChem

Synthetic Rubber
Industry Overview - Bill Hyde, Senior Director, Olefins & Elastomers, IHS Chemical

Synthetic Fiber Raw Materials
A Review of Global Polyester & Intermediates Markets - Kim Hyunmin, Consultant, Polyester Fibre & Resins, Tecnon OrbiChem
A Review of Global Polyamide & Intermediates Markets - Shen Hong (Grace), Consultant, Polyamide & Intermediates, Tecnon OrbiChem
Overview of the Fibre Intermediates Market Becky Zhang, Senior Editor, ICIS Asia

Phenol & Derivatives - Chen Xiaojue, Consultant- Phenol, Acetone & Derivatives, Tecnon OrbiChem


APIC 2012 - Malaysia

May 18 2012


General Matters and Raw Materials
Mr James Dennis, Senior Editor/Manager, ICIS Topic: Asian Naphtha Outlook 2012
Ms Prema Viswanathan Managing Editor, ICIS Topic: Asia Olefins 2012 Market Review and Outlook
Mr Larry Tan,Vice President Business Development & Consulting, ICIS Consulting ( China) Topic : Olefins & Polyolefins Industry & Margins Outlook
Ms Ken Yin Chenjie Senior Information Manager, ICIS China Topic : Coal Chemical Industry - A Path Driven By China
Mr Larry Tan Vice President, Business Development & Consulting, ICIS Consulting ( China) Topic : Shale Gas – A Global Review

Ms Ong Sheau Ling Markets editor – South Asia & Middle East Topic: Emerging Trends in Middle East & South Asian polyolefins markets.
Ms Chow Bee Lin Deputy Managing Editor – Asia & Middle East Topic: Asia's polymer– changing dynamics
Mr Tiankanok Sirichayaporn Senior Consultant Topic: Outlook for Global Metallocene LLDPE
Ms Chommanad Thammanayakatip Senior Consultant Topic: EVA Supply and Demand Outlook

Mr. Vincent SINCLAIR (Senior Director, Styrenics) Topic : Megatrends Affecting Styrenics
Mr. Daniel SIOW (Associate Director, Engineering Resins) Topic :Megatrends in Styrenics

Mr. Eddie Kok Topic : 'Asia Chlor-alkali and PVC Industry Update” Is the story all about China?'
Mr. Vincent Ooi Topic : PVC, VCM and EDC market from a global perspective
Ms. Mary Blackburn Topic : PVC Technologies (including the acetylene-carbide VCM technology)

Synthetic Fibre Raw Materials
Dr Crystal Chiang Senior Consultant, Caprolactam and Nylon Chain Topic: Market Outlook on the Nylon Chain
Mr Paul Clarke Senior Consultant, EO and EG Topic: Trends and Outlook in the MEG Market, 2012 and beyond
Mr Salmon Aidan Lee Consultant, PTA Topic: Trends and challenges in the feedstock and polyester markets- upstream and downstream trends, 2012 and beyond
Mr Simon Garmston Managing Director, Lead Consultant (Acrylonitrile and downstream markets) Topic: Trends and Outlook in the Acrylonitrile Market

Chemicals Committee
Ms Angel Fernandez Business Manager - Orthoxylene, Phthalic Anhydride & Plasticisers Chain
Mr John Hodgkinson Business Manager – Ethylene Oxide Derivatives Mark Berggren Managing Director and Leo Wirawan, Consultant & Director of Asian Multi Client Studies Methanol – Unlocking Chemical and Hydrocarbon Value
Mr Jim Foster (Senior Editor, Petrochemicals Analysis) Trends in global Petrochemicals pricing
Mr Shahrin Ismaiyatim (Global Editorial Director) Global overview and Chemicals feedstock

APIC 2011 - Japan

May 27 2011

Committee Meetings

General Matters & Raw Materials
Raw Materials Situation (Naphtha, Gas etc) Mr. John Vautrain, Senior Vice President, Purvin & Gretz
Sustainability of good margins in Petrochemical Feedstocks - Aromatics Mr. Tatsuo Omi, Director of Aromatics, CMAI
Sustainability of good margins in Petrochemical Feedstocks - Olefins Mr. Jinsu Yim, Director of Olefins, CMAI

Understanding The Industry Trends To Prepare For The Future Mr. Andrew Ho, Director of Polyolefins, CMAI

China's Polyolefin Industry, Opportunity or Challenge? Mr. Fang Wai, CNCIC (China National Chemical Information Center)

Styrene Monomer & Styrenics: Demand Recovery and Supply Restructuring Offer Brighter Industry Prospects For The New Decade
Mr. Vincent Sinclair, Director of Styrenics, CMAI
Asia's styrene: trends and outlook Ms. Mahua Chakravaty, Senior Editor, ICIS
China Styrene Monomer Purchasing Modes by Downstream Sector Ms. Chris Qi Information, Director, Chemease

PVC & Sustainable Development Mr. Shigetaka SEKI, Executive Director, VEC (Vinyl Environmental Council)
Recent Activity of Japan Plasticizers Industry Association (JPIA) - Focused on the Safety of Phthalates - Safety of the Plasticizer especially DEHP
Dr. Hiromi YANASE, Coordinator of Phthalate Panel, Japan Plasticizers Industry Association (JPIA), (General Manager, Research & Development Division, New Japan Chemical Co., Ltd.)
The impact of Chinese capacity expansion on the Asian PVC market (co- speaker): Mr. Vincent Ooi and Mr. Bernard Law, Consultant, IHS
What China PVC industry can do on restructuring? Mr. Li Yongle, CNCIC (China National Chemical Information Center)

Synthetic Rubber
Rolling Forward - Feedstock, Synthetic Rubber and Tire Mr. Samuel Liew, Director of C4 & Elastomers, CMAI
Will Rubber Product Makers face difficulty to procure Rubbers? Mr. Yoichiro HIBIYA, Advisor for CEO, ABeam Consulting Ltd
Tire development and polymer technology in future Mr. Hideki KOMATSU Director, Tire Materials Development Division Bridgestone Corporation

Synthetic Fiber Raw Materials
Polyester Growth vs Feedstock Growth of PTA and MEG Mr. Salmon Aidan Lee, Consultant, PCI

Phenol and Phthalic Anhydride Japan Update Mr. Masahiro YONEYAMA, Representative Director, Access Intelligence K.K., Senior Manager, IHS IHS
1. Methanol and Acetyls Feedstock Overview, 2. Global Acetic Acid Overview Mr. Wiliam Bann, Business Manager, Acetyls TecnonOrbichem

Asian markets outlook in the global automotive industry in 2017 Mr. Masatoshi NISHIMOTO, Japan/Korea Vehicle Forecasts, Manager IHS Automotive
What plastic materials are people willing to pay for? Manabu TACHIBANA, Deputy General Manager, Powertrain Materials Group, Materials Engineering Department Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Powertrain technology trends in major markets Mr. Atsushi ISHII, Japan/Korea Powertrain Forecasts, Senior Manager IHS Automotive

APIC 2010 - Mumbai

Committee Meetings

Polyolefins & Styrenics
Sanjay Sharma, Director - CMAI India- Polyethylene Industry Update
Andrew Ho, Director of Asia Polyolefins-Polypropylene……full of versatility and vitality
Vince Sinclair, Director of Asia Styrenics- The Styrenics - Similar But Different

Elastomers & Chemicals
Ed Gartner, Program Director, World Petrochemicals- Market trends in the global SBR and PBR elastomers
Uwe Loechner, Senior Consultant - The Global Market of Thermoplastic Elastomers and the Impact of Bio Feedstocks
Masahiro Yoneyama, Regional Vice President, Asia - Global chemicals markets: 2-ethyl hexanol, phenol, acetic acid, methanol, and phthalic anhydride

General Matter and Raw Materials Committee
Long Term Trends in the Petrochemical Industry Graeme BURNETT, Senior Vice President Middle East & Asia TOTAL Petrochemicals

Polyolefins Committee
Polyolefins: Turbulent Times Ahead Robert Bauman, President, Polymer Consulting International Inc., USA.


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