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To help Asian petrochemical companies continue its ongoing quest for improvements, professional upgrading and global excellence, we aim to include in this section, world class service providers who are willing to contribute valuable information and contents for the benefit of viewers. Service providers who may be interested to partner with APIC in offering executive summaries of training material related to the petrochemical and chemical industry, are welcome to contact us at

A. Routsis Associates, Inc. offers a comprehensive array of training programs and services for the plastics industry covering Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blow Molding, and Decoupled Molding. Routsis Associates has generously provided visitors of APIC Online the following training videos and training webinar broadcasts as an introduction to the various aspects of plastics processing:

Introduction to Injection Molding part 1

Introduction to Injection Molding part 2

Injection Molding Basics
part 1

Injection Molding Basics
part 2

Injection Molding Basics
part 3

Injection Mold Setup

Establishing an Injection Molding Process

Process Parameters

Process Control Systems

Injection Molding Hydraulics

Processing For Profit

Math for Molders

Intelligent Molder Series

The Effects of Mold Filling, Gating & Weld Lines

The Effects of Shrinkage, Warpage & Part Ejection

Troubleshooting Defects

Injection Mold Maintenance

Injection Molding Machine Maintenance

Electric Injection Molding
part 1

Electric Injection Molding
part 2

Plastic Part Design

Understanding Plastics


RJG’s Decoupled Molding™
part 1

RJG’s Decoupled Molding™
part 2

Mold Design & Moldmaking

Extrusion Blow Molding

Single Screw Extrusion

Twin Screw Extrusion


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