AGC Expanding Production Capacity Of Chlor-Alkali Business in Thailand

:: 9 May  2022 ::

Bangkok—AGC has decided to invest over ¥100-billion to increase production capacity of its chlor-alkali business in Thailand through an expansion of two manufacturing sites.

The company will boost the production capacity of AGC Vinythai Public Co. Ltd., a new company being established in July 2022 to integrate AGC’s chlor-alkali business in the Indochina Peninsula (PCN, 22 Mar 2021, p 1).

Last year, AGC announced plans to integrate and reorganize its three consolidated subsidiaries and form a new company.  The subsidiaries involved include Vinythai Public Co. Ltd. (VNT), AGC Chemicals (Thailand) Co. (ACTH) and AGC Chemicals Vietnam Co.

The expansion project will increase caustic soda capacity to 1.64-million t/y from 1.42-million t/y, vinyl chloride monomer capacity to 1.7-million t/y from 1.3-million t/y, and polyvinyl chloride capacity to 1.6-million t/y from 1.2-million t/y at the current VNT and ACTH sites.  Operations are scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2025.

“AGC has been studying this expansion and has obtained approval for the environmental impact assessment by the Thai environmental regulatory authority and has now decided to make the investment,” AGC noted.

“In addition, this capacity expansion will introduce the latest technologies that will improve energy efficiency and production efficiency to reduce environmental impact,” the company added.

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